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Long-term vision

To establish a foundation for personal transformation that unites people with shared visions and empowers leaders to bring love, light, courage and consciousness to their communities

How we will achieve this
By offering a series of Personal Transformation workshops and services and empower people with shared purpose and passion to market, facilitate and coordinate workshops and services
Principles to guide us

Passion, empowerment, care, support, quality, professionalism, teamwork, growth


  Johannesburg   Cape Town
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Our Corporate Leadership “Lead to Succeed ” workshop (based on our flagship Alive workshop)

  • 1.     Objectives

The Lead to Succeed Workshop is developed on the principle that for people to change and grow, they need to create awareness of healthy or limiting beliefs and mindsets (mostly subconscious) and to change these at a fundamental level. The primary purpose of the Lead to Succeed Workshop is to equip participants with the awareness, knowledge and tools to make more effective choices and decisions in order to improve their personal effectiveness, their leadership effectiveness, work more effectively with others and therefore improve their business results.

The objectives of the workshop are as follows:

  • To understand personal effectiveness and empowerment (true empowerment with regards finding the source of their personal power) and how it can contribute to effective leadership and achieving results
  • To become aware of personal strategies and conditioning that impact choices and decision making effectiveness
  • To change and release limiting mental and emotional programs of the past that impact ability to learn, change and grow
  • Building emotional intelligence and how to work with different emotions and transforming emotions (positive and negative) into energy for motivation
  • To become more aware of own uniqueness and contribution to the workplace, social circle and society
  • To develop clarity on personal and professional goals and dreams and how to achieve them
  • To understand personal barriers & enablers to achieving goals and how to make the necessary changes to address these including techniques to set goals and manage relationships and boundaries to live a balanced life
  • To develop a personal action plan for initiating a personal journey of development, as well as to integrate a personal plan in a sustainable manner back into work and personal lives 
  • Learning about self-respect, self-esteem and integrity
  • Discovering how to build win-win relationships and increasing resources through creativity and synergy vs. competing for limited resources
  • 2.     Approach

Lead to Succeed is a 2 day, 16 hour experiential workshop designed to assist delegates in understanding their life's journey, and how to identify and release those beliefs and habits that hold people back from achieving the personal and professional results they strive for.

The workshop presents a safe space in which to explore possibilities and work in new ways to create positive results in life. The workshop is experiential in nature and includes individual and group activities, discussions, self-reflection and discovery, feedback, information sharing and practice sessions for new skills. The workshop is most effective if it is residential and delegates have undisrupted time to work with themselves.

The Lead to Succeed Workshop is developed on the principle that for people to change and grow, they need to create awareness of healthy or limiting beliefs and mindsets and to change these at a fundamental level.

The Lead to Succeed Workshop addresses all three aspects required to make significant change:

  • intellectual buy-in – Lead to Succeed provides information on how we learn and develop belief systems through conditioning, and the impact of conditioning on life choices and results
  • emotional engagement – Lead to Succeed provides opportunities to reflect on own conditioning and the impact on personal effectiveness and interactions with other people, provides greater clarity on “Who I am” i.e. who you have become and “What I Want” i.e. what you want to achieve, and clarity on motivators, habits, personality, skills, beliefs, values that enhance or prevent desired results – cultural prejudices are surfaced and a greater appreciation of the value of diversity is established through sharing experiences. Underlying similarities between different people and races are realised. 
  • taking action – Lead to Succeed identifies personal barriers to change and action and explores possible solutions to address these, covers critical personal life and decision making skills.


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